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Beat The City was essentially shot in two locations: the streets of Down Manhattan and a room in John Street Residence from Pace University, also in NY financial district.

As I was my own actor in the short film I had to film myself in the interior scenes, but my assigned crew was not available that day. So I used the carton box of my french press (I like coffee) as a tripod head with fluid capabilities by making a cut on one side, enough for my cellphone stand still.

Whenever I needed a different shooting angle I leaned the iPhone a little bit or simply switched to another height by using a chair, the bed or whatever I had at hand. Always using that french press carton box. It was my personal challenge.



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Beat The City is essentially a story surrounding common memories of new yorkers.

It is about the struggle of a man that  starts an spiritual journey to overcome the pain and ultimately the agoraphobia that he suffers after a personal tragedy faced in the City of New York.

This short film was originally made for graduation from a filmmaking course at New York Film Academy in September 2016.

I believe that there is no need for explanation about the exterior shots. An smartphone like the iPhone 6S Plus performs in a superb way under natural light. A totally different thing was to shoot inside the room walls. In that case, I used the sun light coming from the street through the window, taking advantage of the natural special effect provided by the blinds.

I also used the existing artificial lights in the room, decreasing or increasing the exposure directly in the smartphone while shooting. In key moments like the slow-mo shots when exposure had drastic changes against my will, there was no more solution than making some adjustments in post.

Nevertheless, I have to point out that there was no "accidental ideas" when producing this short. I made a techno-artistic decision on behalf of the story I wanted to tell and I feel that it was a good choice. I hope someone else will think like me.

DIRECTED BYClaudinho andres gomez
WRITTEN BYClaudinho andres gomez
EXPERIMENTAL FILM BY Claudinho Andres Gomez PRODUCED AT New York Film Academy ORIGINAL IDEA BY Claudinho Andres Gomez MUSIC BY Barrie Gledden & John Horrocks LICENSED BY Audionetwork US Inc EDITION Claudinho Andres Gomez COVER ART BY Kangabeast Digital DISTRIBUTION Amazon Video Direct and Zamoxis Video On Demand EXPERIMENTAL SMARTPHONE VIDEO Shot on iPhone 6S Plus